Saturday, May 25, 2024

Oral Cancer

One of our group, Val O’Riley, who had surgery 15 years ago in December 1998 for oral cancer would like to set up a sub-group especially for those who have been or who are going through treatment and/or surgery for oral cancer.  As with the Sunflower Bunch this will also be for relatives and carers.

Even though she loves being part of our group she feels that, as oral cancer and its treatment can affect you in many ways, not just your speech but also the way you look, eating difficulties, loss of confidence (often leading to isolation and depression which is more prevalent with oral cancer patients than any other cancer), she feels that if people know they can meet her initially she could give them the confidence to join the Sunflower Bunch. She really feels it would be an aid to their recovery.

If they feel they are not ready for a large group Val is quite happy for them to either visit her or her them in their own homes. As well as being able to show empathy for their situation and all the changes it has brought about in their lives Val has many simple, but useful tips for coping with all aspects of the condition.

If you would like to chat to Val then please use the contact us page and we will get back to you.